Serenity Counselling provides guidance for navigating conflict or issues (short or long term), managing crisis, and building skills to revitalize or enrich your relationship. 

  • Managing Conflict 

  • Improving communication 

  • Breaking negative cycles (eg: criticism, arguments, pursue/withdraw) 

  • Bringing back the spark 

  • Preparing for marriage or commitment 

  • Navigating relationship breakdown 

  • Support for partners living with mental illness 

  • Dealing with Infidelity 

 Counselling is available for all types of relationships, regardless of sexual preference, length of commitment, or other configuration.  

If you feel you would like to pursue relationship counselling, but your partner is reluctant to take part, counselling can still be effective and helpful.  See our FAQ’s.  

If for any reason you are unsure, call 0482 012 258 for a free 10 minute consultation to decide if counselling is right for you.