When things are operating well, our families can be  comfortable, safe and accepting. But when our family relationships are rocky, chaotic or even become abusive, not only does the family unit suffer, but each individual may experience fallout in the rest of their lives too.
Families also struggle at times when multiple family members are experiencing stressful events or crises at the same time.
Serenity Counselling specializes in helping families with: 
  • Conflict management
  • Parenting issues (eg: discipline, boundaries, differing parenting styles, parental stress) 
  • Managing family dynamics 
  • Infertility/infant loss 
  • Managing Home Together: 
    • Setting boundaries 
    • Division of labor and chores 
    • Finances and Board for older kids 

Whatever your family looks like, and however it was formed, and whatever issues each family member is experiencing, counselling can help to balance your family and make it a nurturing, safe place to be. 
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