About Us

Serenity Family Counselling Services (SFCS) is a family run practice based in Wyndham Vale, in the west of Melbourne. We specialise in counselling adolescents, individuals, families, and counselling specifically for parents. Serenity Family Counselling Services is committed to providing an affordable counselling option that doesn’t necessitate a GP referral to families in Wyndham and surrounds.

Our Counsellors are highly qualified and have a wide range of experiences including working in school wellbeing teams and community service settings. We use a variety of counselling therapeutic interventions to support our clients with their various issues. We provide counselling on issues such as: anxiety, depression, parent-child relationships, school refusal, bullying, exam stress, grief and loss, inter-cultural and intergeneration conflicts, general stress, trauma recovery, family and relationship conflicts, family breakdowns and general teenage challenges. We also provide pre-marital counselling, professional supervision, secondary consultations and therapeutic group programs.